Sledding, Tobogganing

Sledding, Tobogganing Fitness Training

Sledding, Tobogganing Description

Sledding is a fun outdoor activity in which people ride sleds down snow-covered hills, and pull their sleds back to the top. It can provide some limited cardiorespiratory benefits. While most participants are young, it is also suitable for some adults. It is important to select an area for sledding that is clear of rocks, trees or other obstacles and that has an area at the bottom large enough to stop safely.

Sledding, Tobogganing Risks

  • Cuts, bruises, sprains or fractures from violent falls or collisions
  • Concussion from bad spills or crashes
  • Weather-related hazards such as frostbite or glare from the sun reflecting on the snow

Sledding, Tobogganing Equipment required

  • Sled or toboggan
  • Clothing: waterproof, warm and snug, yet should allow freedom of movement
  • Footwear: snug and warm, waterproof
  • Gloves, hat
  • Protective eyewear to prevent getting struck by objects while speeding downhill

Sledding, Tobogganing Applicable substitutions

  • Golf (using cart or caddy)
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Alpine skiing
  • Kneeboarding
  • Water skiing



Fitness Benefits

  • Cardiorespiratory 1
  • Flexibility 0
  • Muscular Strength 0
  • Muscular Endurance 0
  • Body Fat Recution 0

Fitness Requirements

  • Cardiorespiratory 0
  • Flexibility 0
  • Muscular Strength 0
  • Muscular Endurance 0
  • Coordination/Skill 1

Muscle groups used

Primary muscles: quadriceps, calves, biceps, triceps and forearmsAssistance muscles: hamstrings, lower back, abdominals and shoulders

Energy expenditure

Approximately 0.04 Calories per minute per pound of body weight

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