Football Fitness Training

Football Description

Football is a challenging contact sport in which one team passes, runs or kicks the ball down the field to score points while the opposing team attempts to block progress and gain possession of the ball. While there are different talents and fitness requirements for the various positions on a team, the game requires quickness, skill, strength and stamina from all team members as well as coordination among team members. Flexibility and strength work for the entire body can enhance football performance. To reduce the chance of serious injury, "touch" or "flag" football can be played instead of tackle football. If you play tackle football, wear protective equipment. Always warm-up and stretch before playing football.

Football Warnings

  • Previous problems with ankles, knees, hands, arms, lower back, hips, shoulders, neck, or head put you at greater risk during this activity. Seek out medical clearance prior to participating.

Football Risks

  • Injury rate is high due to the contact nature of football
  • Pulled hamstrings and shoulder injuries are common
  • Knee and ankle sprains
  • Broken fingers, neck (cervical vertebral fracture)
  • Bruises, especially on thighs and arms
  • Concussions
  • Neck injuries from falls and tackles (can be very serious)
  • Heatstroke/dehydration from playing in the heat

Football Sport-specific applications

  • Competitive football played on high school, collegiate, semi-professional, and professional level (national and international)

Football Equipment required

  • Football
  • Helmet: hard on outside, padded on inside to protect head; facemask on front
  • Shoes: may or may not have cleats; turf shoes for artificial turf
  • Gloves: used by some quarterbacks, receivers and running backs to improve grip
  • Protective gear: pads for shoulders, hips, tailbone, thighs, knees and neck; rib pads or flak jackets can be used for extra safety and protection

Football Applicable substitutions

  • Soccer
  • Ice hockey
  • Field hockey
  • Roller hockey

Football Reference sources, organizations and publications

  • Pop Warner Football/community parks and recreation leagues
  • High school programs
  • NCAA: 6201 College Blvd., Overland Park, KS 66211­2422, (913) 339­1906


Cardiorespiratory: Anaerobic/Interval

Fitness Benefits

  • Cardiorespiratory 2
  • Flexibility 1
  • Muscular Strength 1
  • Muscular Endurance 3
  • Body Fat Recution 1

Fitness Requirements

  • Cardiorespiratory 2
  • Flexibility 1
  • Muscular Strength 2
  • Muscular Endurance 2
  • Coordination/Skill 3

Muscle groups used

Primary muscles (may vary by position): quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal muscles, hip adductors, tensor fasciae latae, hip flexors, calves, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, shoulders, chest, erector spinae, triceps, biceps, forearms, teres major, teres minor, obliques, abdominals, and serratus anterior

Energy expenditure

Approximately 0.045 Calories per minute per pound of body weight

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