Fishing Fitness Training

Fishing Description

Fishing is a recreational sport that can be enjoyed as a relaxing pastime or as a competitive event. Some find the quiet hours spent at a peaceful fishing site to be an excellent stress-relieving activity. There are many different types of fishing activities, including fly-fishing, deep-sea fishing, net fishing and dock fishing.

Fishing Risks

  • Shoulder strain (overuse from excessive force used during casting)
  • Over-exposure to sun
  • Water-related hazards
  • Cuts from hooks or sharp teeth or scales of fish
  • Lower back strains from fighting large fish (deep-sea fishing)

Fishing Sport-specific applications

  • Fishing competitions

Fishing Equipment required

  • Rod and reel: chosen to meet the needs of a particular type of fishing
  • Hooks, lures and other tackle: also depends on the type of fishing
  • Fishing line: chosen for a specific type of fishing
  • Protective gloves to prevent hooking oneself
  • Net to aid in landing a caught fish
  • Specialty pliers to help remove hooks from fish
  • Hat or visor for sun protection
  • Life vest for fishing on boats or while wading

Fishing Applicable substitutions

  • Bowling
  • Gardening
  • Golf (ride in cart)
  • Billiards

Fishing Reference sources, organizations and publications

  • Sport Fishing Institute: 1010 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 100, Washington D.C. 20001, (202) 8980770
  • American Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association: 1250 Grove Avenue, Suite 300, Barrington, IL 60010, (708) 3819490
  • Trout Unlimited: 800 Follin Lane, Suite 250, Vienna, VA 22180, (703) 2811100
  • Federation of Fly Fishers: PO Box 1088, West Yellowstone, MT 59758
  • Bassmaster Magazine: 5845 Carmichael Rd., Montgomery, AL 36117
  • Various State Department and Natural Resources organizations



Fitness Benefits

  • Cardiorespiratory 0
  • Flexibility 1
  • Muscular Strength 0
  • Muscular Endurance 0
  • Body Fat Recution 0

Fitness Requirements

  • Cardiorespiratory 0
  • Flexibility 1
  • Muscular Strength 0
  • Muscular Endurance 1
  • Coordination/Skill 2

Muscle groups used

Primary muscles: forearms, triceps and shouldersAssistance muscles: trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, erector spinae and biceps

Energy expenditure

Approximately 0.028 Calories per minute per pound of body weight

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