Equestrian Competition, Horeseback Riding

Equestrian Competition, Horeseback Riding Fitness Training

Equestrian Competition, Horese Description

Equestrian sports, or horseback riding, can be a very demanding activity. Be sure to keep your leg, shoulder, arm and forearm muscles tight and controlled, since this is the method of giving the horse directions. Remember the rules of safety for horseback riding and horse handling. Fitness Expert recommends seeking out qualified instruction before engaging in equestrian sport.

Equestrian Competition, Horese Warnings

  • Those suffering from chronic lower back, knee, ankle, hip/pelvic, wrist, shoulder, elbow, neck, or upper back pain or injury should consult their physician prior to participating in this activity.

Equestrian Competition, Horese Risks

  • Danger from falling off horse, being rolled on, kicked or trampled (head injuries, broken bones, contusions and abrasions)
  • Danger to groin and inner thigh muscles which may be strained by rough riding and jarring
  • Poor weather or trail/track conditions make for hazardous riding
  • Eye injuries from flying objects or ricocheted projectiles
  • Soreness in upper and lower back muscles

Equestrian Competition, Horese Sport-specific applications

  • Horse racing (jockeying)
  • Western pleasure
  • Polo
  • Western speed
  • Hunter/jumper events
  • Three day eventing
  • Rodeo
  • Steeplechase
  • Modern pentathlon

Equestrian Competition, Horese Equipment required

  • Horse
  • Saddle, bridle and related equipment
  • Protective gear: helmet, clothing of tough material, gloves, boots, eye protection

Equestrian Competition, Horese Applicable substitutions

  • Water skiing
  • Kneeboarding
  • Windsurfing

Equestrian Competition, Horese Reference sources, organizations and publications

  • U.S. Olympic Committee: 1750 East Boulder St., Colorado Springs, CO 80909­5760, (719) 632-5551
  • U.S. Equestrian Team: Pottersville Rd., Gladstone, NJ 07934, (908) 234­1251
  • American Horse Shows Association (AHSA): 220 East 42nd St., Suite 409, New York, NY 10017-5876, (212) 972-2472
  • United States Polo Association: 4059 Iron Works Pike, Lexington, KY, (800) 232­8772



Fitness Benefits

  • Cardiorespiratory 1
  • Flexibility 1
  • Muscular Strength 2
  • Muscular Endurance 3
  • Body Fat Recution 0

Fitness Requirements

  • Cardiorespiratory 1
  • Flexibility 2
  • Muscular Strength 2
  • Muscular Endurance 2
  • Coordination/Skill 4

Muscle groups used

Primary muscles: quadriceps, hips (adductors, abductors), gluteals, forearms and calves Assistance muscles: hamstrings, biceps, triceps, upper back muscles, lower back (erector spinae), abdominals and obliques

Energy expenditure

Approximately 0 Calories per minute per pound of body weight

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